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The streets are full of cars similar to each other, which do not attract anyone's attention.

No wonder, then, that there are plenty of motorists who want to stand out in the roadside grey stream.

One of the ways to achieve this effect is tuning, i.e. equipping the car with accessories and accessories not provided by the manufacturer.

Tuning can refer to the parameters and driveability of the car or its appearance.

The latter, cheaper and more effective, can, however, be challenged by the first police patrol encountered.

What can tuning lovers not do?

Some motorists are tuning cars as a manifestation of their own style, a cry of fashion, expression of their individuality and independence.

For them, such fun has above all an aesthetic dimension.

They want to create the only, unique specimen of a given model.

Optical tuning is designed to change the appearance of the car from outside and inside.

In the middle of cars, we can change practically everything, from armchairs, steering wheel, shift lever, upholstery, clock exchange, installation of the additional backlight as well as assembly of LCD screens, inserting audio equipment, etc.

When changing external cars, we often meet with the use of impressive aluminium rims, assembly of sports silencers, using various decorations, thresholds, spoilers, bumpers.

There are plenty of opportunities to make alterations, and it all depends on the client's financial resources and fantasies.

Well, almost everything.

The law does not prohibit vehicle tuning.

Car tuning is allowed, provided that the tuned equipment does not endanger the safety of both people driving it and other road users.

 It should be remembered that the modifications should be approached with common sense. Before we replace any element of our car on
"Sports", make sure it is homologated.
When modifying a vehicle, the most important rules set out in the law must be taken into account.

A tuned car can not have limited visibility at the front and side of the vehicle. If the windows are darkened, the value of the transmission factor for the side windscreens must be greater than 70%, and in the case of the windshield at least 75%. If you're hoping that the police will not be able to investigate, you can be unpleasantly disappointed. More and more patrols have the necessary device for this. You also can not wrap the window with foil that reflects light, because it can dazzle other drivers.
If we change seat belts, they must have anchor points in places provided by the vehicle manufacturer. When replacing the steering wheel - of course, with the homologated one - make sure that it has an efficient horn if the button for the audible signal is not placed, for example, on the turn signal lever. When changing the side mirrors, remember that they must guarantee adequate rearward visibility - products intended for the English market will not meet this requirement. We can not only ride with one mirror.
When mounting rims and tires other than the factory, care should be taken that they do not protrude beyond the outline of the vehicle. This is bad news for still quite numerous fans of Volkswagen II generation Golfs brought to the edge of recognition of the model. Half of such hard-won copies have too wide rims and tires. We also have bad news for lovers of creating the look with a spatula. Elements created in this way can often be found on bumpers and sills. Meanwhile, as the rules say, bumpers should be well fixed and durable. In addition, they must not have sharp edges and create the danger of catching other road users. They must be safe for pedestrians in the event of an accident.
How else does the garage tuners limit the law? The vehicle registration plate should be in a visible place. You can not change the number plate light, the light colour must be white and fall on the board, it can not dazzle other users. When making changes to the lamps of the car, it must be remembered that it is prohibited to put on the lampshades or the light source elements that obviously reduce the intensity of light or change its colour. It is not allowed to mount xenon lamps in headlamps intended for ordinary bulbs or use inhomogeneous halogen bulbs designed to imitate xenons. The exhaust system must be terminated by a silencer, the outlet of the exhaust pipe can not be turned to the right. The car must pass exhaust and volume control.

Tuning the car should be within reason and must comply with applicable regulations. It should be remembered that excessive and illegal modifications of the vehicle result in refusal to conquer the vehicle's technical condition. In addition, it is forbidden to move the vehicle without important technical tests, such a vehicle poses a threat to the user and other road users. The consequence of illegal alterations is to stop vehicle documents. The police can also impose a fine and fines on users who violate legal regulations.

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